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Clear skin begins with the Proactiv Solution 3-Step System.


Why suffer with Acne?: Discover why Jessica Simpson uses Proactiv« Solution to control breakouts - 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee - Click Here to learn more.


A revolutionary, dermatologist-developed Combination Therapy« system that helps the skin heal the blemishes you have now - and helps stop new ones from forming - in three quick, easy steps.

Renewing Cleanser

This unique oil-free formula contains smooth, tiny grains to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and other impurities, plus prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide to penetrate pores, attack bacteria and heal blemishes fast.

Revitalizing Toner

This refreshing, alcohol-free toner removes dead skin cells, unplugs pores and helps remove excess oil so your skin looks and feels refreshed. Soothing botanical agents gently balance your skin tone.

Repairing Lotion

Our light, oil-free lotion contains finely milled prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide to heal blackheads and blemishes and helps prevent future breakouts. The advanced delivery system in Repairing Lotion is soothing and safe for your entire face.

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Proactiv Solution« - Proactiv skin care products for acne

Proactive solution acne treatment. The Proactiv skin care solution.

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Exposed Skin Care
Exposed Skin Care

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Acne Treatment. Studies indicate that most people experience acne in some form at some time in their life. Acne usually begins during adolescence but often continues into adulthood. Hormonal changes cause the enlargement and blocking of oil producing sebaceous glands near the hair follicle within the skin.

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Ultra Herbal manufactures Acuzine skin antioxidant formula along with a wide variety of herbal supplements, liquid formulas and capsule products.

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ZENMED_ Body Acne Treatment is a provider of premium natural skin care products. ZENMED's mission is to educate consumers about all natural alternatives for acne, rosacea and skin care products.

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Exposed Skin Care

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