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How Acne Happens
How Acne Happens How Proactiv Works
Why me?

The most important thing to remember about acne is: It's not your fault. Contrary to popular belief, acne is not caused by anything you're doing - what you eat, how often you wash your face or work out - but by a combination of factors at work far beneath the surface of your skin. The regularity with which you shed skin cells can change throughout your life. Your hormone balance affects the rate at which you produce oil. Research has also shown that genetics play a big part in the development and persistence of acne, so your family history is a valuable prediction tool as well.

Who gets acne?

You're not alone: About 90% of all teenagers develop acne. Acne is starting at even younger ages today as puberty begins earlier. Acne may also start as late as the 20's or 30's, especially in women whose hormones are constantly fluctuating. It's estimated that 1 in 4 adults between the ages of 25 and 44 experiences acne, and nearly half of all adult women experience mild to moderate acne.

What can I do?

There's still no cure for acne, with or without a prescription. The secret to controlling acne is PREVENTION - stopping the formation of acne before it becomes a visible pimple. To avoid the risk of permanent scars, it's important to treat acne as soon as the first signs appear. Even after blemishes disappear, you usually must continue to use an effective acne treatment to keep new blemishes from forming. Proactiv Solution is safe and effective for everyone, and it can help prevent blemishes from becoming a larger problem.

What about prescription medications?

For most forms of acne, Drs. Rodan and Fields prefer topical medications. They may prescribe antibiotics for inflammatory nodular and cystic type acne, and Accutane for more severe cases. Oral antibiotics and Accutane don't cure acne - like topical medications, they gain control of the problem.

Please keep in mind that Accutane is the strongest oral medication available for acne and often can make a dramatic difference. But it may have severe side effects, including depression, liver damage and birth defects if taken during pregnancy. Patients must be under a dermatologist's supervision for the 5-month course of treatment.

Proactiv Solution can heal your existing acne, and help stop new blemishes from forming. Its mild formulations gently exfoliate your skin, remove excess oil, and deliver powerful acne-attacking medicine. Proactiv Solution works alone or; when following your doctor's advice, in combination with a dermatologist's prescription.


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